Grady has been coaching volleyball for several years at multiple age levels. He previously coached in the YMCA recreational league. The 2023 season was his second year as assistant coach for both the elementary and junior high teams at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Taylor. He also served as assistant coach for the St. Mary’s high school team during the 2023 season.

While his background is baseball (scholarship athlete at UTSA), Grady’s love for especially beach volleyball dates back to the early 1990s. Indeed, he had planned to play volleyball in high school (instead of football in the Fall), but unfortunately the school district ultimately decided not to authorize a men’s team.

Grady enjoys coaching kids and helping them develop life skills and good character in addition to their athletic abilities. He comes from a family of athletes and coaches and hopes to pass along the wisdom and life-lessons he has learned from his grandfather (college football player and coach), father (college football player), and brother (college and professional baseball player), as well as from his own days as a competitive athlete.

Though he is a licensed attorney (since 2005), Grady no longer practices law, but instead, has recently begun a second career as a teacher. He has a master’s degree in theology and is currently a candidate for a PhD in spirituality. He has held teaching positions in the areas of theology, spirituality, and religious studies and has taught at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

Grady is married with five children. He likes hunting, fishing, riding mountain bikes, but most of all, snow skiing and is looking forward to working with the James Gang 15 team this year.